Dr. Sahoo is recognized internationally as a leading expert in casting technology with outstanding contributions to R&D and innovative technologies that put Canada at the forefront of the casting industry. Strategic partners have included the General Motors, Rio Tinto Alcan, the US Department of Energy, the International Copper Association, the Copper Development Association and the American Foundry Society.

Casting Experience & Alloy Development

Training & Career

Dr. Sahoo obtained his undergraduate degrees in India in 1967 (B. Sc., Utkal University, Bhubaneswar; B. Eng (Metallurgy), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) and then completed his Ph. D. (Metallurgy) at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in 1971.

Since then, he has devoted his life to the field of casting technology during a 35-year career with the Canadian Government including 18 years as Program Manager and 2 years as Assistant Directory of the Research Program Office. In addition, he has published over 250 peer-reviewed papers and numerous book chapters, and has delivered research presentations around the world receiving many awards including the Gold Medal from the American Foundry Society for contributions to non-ferrous casting technology.

Alloy Development Expertise

Dr. Sahoo’s enjoys a broad expertise in casting technology relating to alloy development. This includes:

  • aluminum-base alloys
  • magnesium-base alloys
  • cupronickel
  • bismuth/selenium-modified red brass and yellow brass for portable water applications
  • monels
  • aluminum bronzes
  • leaded-tin bronzes
  • zinc-aluminim foundry alloys
  • lead-base alloys

Casting Expertise

In addition, his experience extends to process technology such as:

  • solidification
  • gating and risering design
  • vacuum pouring
  • evaporative pattern casting
  • gravity and low pressure permanent mold casting
  • metal matrix composite casting
  • directional solidification of eutectic composites
  • thin wall iron casting
  • compacted graphite and ductile iron for automotive applications
  • light metals processing technology including hot tearing, novel grain refining methods, etc.)
  • casting defect analysis
  • control, microstructure and mechanical properties relationships

Management Expertise

Dr. Sahoo has decades of experience in the development of multi-stakeholder strategies and programs involving local and federal departments, private and public research organizations and the casting industry. He facilitates information flow among stakeholders and promotes openness and easy access to information. Most importantly, he is a ‘people person’ at heart and builds partnership and networks through committees and individual initiatives.

As the primary task of his job with the Canadian Government, Dr. Sahoo is an expert in preparing research proposals and business development plans, budgeting, project management, revenue generation and management of people.