About Dr. Sahoo

Dr. Sahoo is well-recognized by different scientific and technical societies as well as Government of Canada for outstanding contributions to casting technology, business development and technology transfer.
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Maheswar Sahoo is a renowned metallurgist and materials scientist known for his significant contributions to the field of casting, alloy development, and metallurgical processing. Dr. Sahoo has made pioneering advancements in the production of high-quality alloys with enhanced mechanical and physical properties, which have been widely used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, ships/submarines and construction.

Dr. Sahoo’s research has focused on developing advanced casting techniques, including investment casting, sand casting, and die casting, which have significantly improved the quality and consistency of alloys. His work has also focused on developing novel alloys with improved corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, and thermal stability.

One of Dr. Sahoo’s most notable contributions to the field is his development of the “solution strengthening” process, which involves adding specific elements to alloys to enhance their mechanical properties. This process has been widely adopted in the production of high-strength steels and superalloys, which are essential for applications in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Dr. Sahoo’s research has also focused on the development of new alloys with enhanced corrosion resistance, which has been crucial in the construction, marine and plumbing industries. His work has resulted in the development of corrosion-resistant alloys that are more durable and cost-effective than traditional alloys. This has significantly improved the longevity of structures and has helped reduce maintenance costs.

Dr. Sahoo has also made significant contributions to the field of metallurgy, including the development of advanced analytical techniques for characterizing the microstructures and mechanical properties of alloys. His work has provided a better understanding of the relationships between alloy composition, processing, and performance, which has enabled the production of alloys with enhanced properties.

In conclusion, Dr. Sahoo’s contributions to the field of casting, alloys, and metallurgy have been significant and far-reaching. His pioneering research has improved the quality and performance of alloys, which has benefited a wide range of industries. His work has also provided a better understanding of the relationships between alloy composition, processing, and performance, which has paved the way for the development of advanced alloys with enhanced properties.




Scientific Merit Award


Howard F. Taylor Award (4)


Merit Award (6)


Technology Transfer Award


Business Development Award (2)


Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal


Award of Excellence

Government of Canada